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Aldo Micallef Grimaud at work.


"Self-Portrait"  (oils) -  Painted when Aldo was only 15 years old.


"The Shepard Boy" - (Watercolours)


"A Vision of Christ" - (pastels)


"Maltese Landscape XVI" - (watercolours)


"Self Portrait aged 70" - (oil on cardboard)

 Front Cover of ' Artist's Catalogue'


"Peaceful Contemplations" - (watercolours)


"A Portrait of Sir Winston Churchill" - (Pastels)


"Natural Forms" - (oils)

Inspired from an actual tree found at Argotti Gardens in Floriana, Malta


Sketching on location in Mdina


A side of Aldo's Studio


A section from one of Aldo's many exhibitions


An example of Aldo's skill at capturing a likeness on canvas


One of the many church domes painted by Aldo


One of the four spandrels depicting the life of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino at Saint Augustine's Church Valletta, Malta.


                   Saint Mark                                   Saint Matthew


                   Saint Luke                                     Saint John


The Four Evangelists adorning the main dome of Mqabba Church, Malta.


Aldo (right) working on one of the spandrels seen above. (1959)


View of the main dome - Mqabba Church, Malta.


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